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Courses are customized according to the individual or group needs:

Salsa English with Paradigm

• Spanish for specific purposes
• Conversational Spanish: Onsite and virtual/online for children and adults small groups and one on one
• English as a second language: Onsite and live virtual/online for children and adults

With same offerings in Mandarin and other languages as well.

Consulting and Coaching for small business

Dance is the language of the soul, to dance is to discover and dream with your feet…
At Paradigm, we see dance as an important part of children’s development and education, where the love for dance, music and expressiveness will be a big part of their lives.
Dance has important physical, social and emotional benefits. It is an aerobic exercise with multiple benefits for the body. It develops body expression, hearing and memory. Dancing develops children emotionally while allowing their feelings to flow freely and even relax while releasing adrenaline.We want kids at a very early age to begin developing the foundation for body movement, rhythm, and coordination. While we help them do that, we also want them to have fun. Our dance classes are a great balance between structure and fun. When we teach our youngest kids, we often use visual associations like “let’s walk as tall as a giraffe” and so on.

All instructions given in English.


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