​Small Group Virtual/Online Classes

Education delivery is no longer confined to the conventional classroom or restricted to a teacher and his/her classroom.

Our live virtual/online classes are live and feature qualified foreign teachers. This makes it feel like you are in a real classroom from the comfort of your home or office! 


Focused Student teacher interaction through live interactive learning.

​On-Site Classes

All of our courses are taught by experienced native language teachers (fluent in the target language)small and individual classes for better language immersion. Languages offered: Spanish, English and Mandarin etc... at Paradigm we believe in the power of the educator to transform language learning to empower lives.

Travel & Immersion

If you would like to practice your conversational language skills, we can make arrangements for you in the following countries, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico,U.S.A...

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"A Different Language is a Different Vision of Life"